01.09.2023, 22:00

FLUC - Cardinal SIN - Day 1 with Shirin & Keton, Illtek, Toxictribe, Audiopirat, Symbiotik Sound Crew

Shirin & Keton LIVE
Multiplan Kollektiv

Illtek LIVE
MaZaTeK Soundsystem / V.I.E.S. Productions

Toxictribe LIVE
Symbiotik Sound Crew

Audiopirat (Vinyl Set)

FLUCC Deck - Advanced Mental Tribe Floor hosted by:

Symbiotik Sound Crew

Event Artworks & Visuals FRI 1/9/ & SAT 2/9/2023:

aka Mr Selfdestruct
(Top Secret International)

The increase of the conventional SIN is naturally the CARDINAL SIN.
Advanced adepts of the higher spiral demonology must first of all be able to master the prehistoric history of the Babylonian spiral galaxies and their deadly sins in their sleep, in order to be able to adequately assess contemporary Deja Vus, as well as relevant new underground currents or to exorcise their individual Poltergeist perpetually. The highest form of spiral demonology knows no higher order structure anymore and borders liquefy to acid reality pixel mush. Playing with Babylonian druids is certainly fully illuminating - but also fraught with Faustian risks, it is a transgressive procedure in the midst of the spiral dance floor. To be able to fully grasp this eons-old cycle, we have invited the archpopes - or rather - the primordial gods of all Past/Present & Future Spiral Revolutions to FLUCC: R-Zac LIVE aka Crystal Distortion & 69db, who with the legendary Spiral Tribe 23 Soundsystem laid the foundation for all varieties of the current TEKnoid interstellar time travel and thus both are also an elementary part of the contemporary Techno Memplex of this planet.

DAY 1: Friday 1/9/2023 - starting at 22:00 - FLUCC Deck (upstairs) & starting at 23:00 - Wanne (downstairs):

FWD the Mental Tribe Evolution

The first day of the two-day Head worlds ceremony at FLUCC is entirely dedicated to the all-encompassing Mental Tribe Dancefloor Head Kino, we are here in the midst of the far-flung TEK-verse of introverted dance legs. For this, the spearhead of the domestic arch-magic of all surrounding spiral lands was invited: Shirin & Keton LIVE, Illtek LIVE, as well as Symbiotik Sound Crew from faraway Linz and of course Audiopirat.

Day 2: Saturday 2/9/2023 - from 22:00 - FLUCC Deck (upstairs) & from 23:00 - Wanne (downstairs)

FWD the Spiral Tribe 23 [R]Evolution.

The last duo LIVE performance of R-Zac in Vienna is already a while back - 2006 in the Arena - the more we are looking forward to their commitment to rewrite a piece of local event history at FLUCC. With R-Zac, the 2nd day of the Cardinal Sins Orgy leaves no genre dogma untouched and catapults us straight off the event horizon of the spiral galaxies we know. Basically, we’re talking about an improvised Babylonian Futura Demon Casino, and these elusive entities mostly reside in the haze of Post-Modern Limbo Portal Number 23. The credo here is: Sirius 23 channeling is nowadays an evergreen, all the more it is nowadays a more than sought-after state of mind or memetic knowledge transfer on an interstellar level and therefore this two-day head trip can also only be advanced to the all-encompassing cardinal sin for body & soul with the native rocks in the surf - namely - TingelTangelTek LIVE, SoDa, as well as Gesindel der Nacht.

… each on 2 floors on both days.