04.01.2020, 22:00

FLUC - Heimliche drei Könige

Flyer für: FLUC - Heimliche drei Könige
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We are dreaming aren't we?
All of us are dreaming...
Like a fog from the sea,
the visions glide into your heart
and remain there for a long time.
Finally they are a part of you.
The air around you is vibrating,
you touch the warmth of the rhythm
and watch the sky gradually lighten.
The earth slowly keeps on turning.
But beyond any of those details,
there are dreams
and everyone is living in them.


Brigade [KELLER]
Faber [Plattenfreunde Neukölln]

Sarah Mo b2b Mieze Maier [Heimlich]
Mex b2b leschueft [Heimlich]
Tanz Franz [Heimlich]
Laurenz Sprengmeister [Heimlich]
Kruzio Terrible [Heimlich]