05.08.2015, 21:00

FLUC - ~_~ It's time to take a trip ~_~

DJ Moe is tripping with you....

Pull on your winklepickers and prepare to get groovy, folk - all the way from the interplanetary realms of Vienna, DJ Moe is hear to spread the message of aural devotion and smooth sonic vibrations.

Hailing from the forested, crystalline slopes of Carinthia, in the heart of Austria's deep south, Moritz Bernhard is a direct descendant of the rock and roll dynasty. Born to a pair of bohemian wanderers and commune-dwellers in the delirium of the 1980s, DJ Moe grew up in a villa of changing faces and rotating musicians that were quick to impress themselves upon his plasticine heart. At the budding age of fifteen, his colossal vinyl collection began to take root with a sixties Frank Zappa LP gifted by his parents. It's since then blossomed and flourished with furious appetite, drinking from sonic streams the world over.

In collaboration with friends and fellow culture freaks DJ Moe helped found arts collective Pomeranze and was able to unleash his spinning talents upon a wider audience. Since then his trajectory has been set skyward, with regular appearances in his adopted hometown of Vienna in addition to international appearances flung as far as Barcelona.

DJ Moe is a true magician of the turntables, harnessing the microgroove with dexterity and love. To watch him weave everything from garage rock, rhythm blues, swing, boogie, beat and new wave to gems from the Indian, African, Arabic, Latin and Asian worlds into a single tapestry is enough to leave the dancefloor starry-eyed and hip-shaking. Step to it, travellers!

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