05.08.2016, 22:00

FLUC - Sub Audio - Label Launch

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After months of preparations, we emerge out of the thriving viennese bass music scene - dedicated to the underground - disregarding hype for the sake of hype.

We’re also celebrating our first release, a 2-Track EP “Transmission Failure / Fluid Foundation” by Gnischrew, with his own take on bass music. It will be released on 12” Vinyl and Digital mid-September.


// Special Guests:

-- DubApe

A cornerstone of the viennese bass music scene as well as being an internationally recognized producer, no further introduction needed.

-- Don Oscar
[Dub der guten Hoffnung]

This madman from Spain regularly releases musical fire upon the dancefloor with the “Dub der guten Hoffnung”-movement. Being a dub magician as well, we’re all excited to hear his exclusive material!

-- Gnischrew
[Sub Audio Records]

Releasing SUBA001 onto the world -
Synonymous with psychedelic heavyweight soundscapes -
Living and breathing bass music & co-founder @ Sub Audio.

-- Dubnius
(Basstrace, Sub Audio Rec.)

-- DMG
(Concrete, U.K. Menu, Sub Audio Rec.)

-- Linguist
(Sub Audio Rec.)

VISUALS by Syrup Visuals

Our favorite viennese VJ collective will shed a lot of moving light on our festivity, always a sight to behold. Seen at Basstrace, Prime, Eutopia DJ/VJ Insel am Donauinselfest and many more.


- Dubape - Basstrace Fam Mix @ FM4

- Linguist Sub Audio Promo Mix

- Gnischrew Guest Mix @ FM4

- Dubnius Sub Audio Promo Mix


Admission: Free Donation