08.09.2021, 20:00


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Michael Fischer - tenor- and analog feedback-saxophone (Vienna)
Marcos Baggiani - drums (Amsterdam)
guest: Vinicius Cajado - double bass (NYC/Wien)


BAGG*FISH - an energetic and poetic impro and noise duo, with a psychedelic manic touch, a researcher surfing on the unstable feedback and an always convincing versatile drummer sharing the trip, this time extended by the commited, free and curageous double bass player Vinicius Cajado.
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Tim Owen, Dalston sound:
"Fischer’s feedback sax sounds more like feedback electric guitar than anything you’d hear from John Butcher ... fretboard runs blend with vocalisations ... Fischer plays in hoarsely vocalised breath-bursts, much like Peter Brötzmann does in combustible duos with drummers Paal Nilssen-Love or Steve Noble.

Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz:
"...The two were determined to redefine the sonic options of such a duo... experimental, risk-taking ..., mischievous, driving rhythms, and poetic resonance. ... Spiritual, inventive, and flowing with nervous energy ... no doubt that bAgg*fisH created their own, highly idiosyncratic sound universe.

Michael Ternai, musicaustria:
"Both highly respected and innovative minds of the international improvisation and electro-acoustic scene stand out as the perfect duo for overcoming all sorts of musical and stylistic concepts and definitions. ... between the poles of improvised music, electronic noise, new music, free jazz, punk, post-rock and sound art ..."


have worked a.o. with Hilary Jefferey, Daisuke Terauchi, Thierry Ex, Felicity Provan, Wilbert de Joode, Tamaho Myiake, Burton Greene, Ivo Bol, Oscar J. Hoogland a.m.o. and with dancers like Eileen Standley (USA), Makiko Ito (NL/JAP), Valeria Primost (The MeetingPoint, ARG), Pere Gay I Faura (ESP), Urska Vohar (CZ) or Lily Kiara (NL/Magpie dance comp.);
They were Artists in Residence at STEIM Amsterdam twice (2013 and 2015), toured the US, CAN, NL and PL and performed a.o. at the Bimhuis/NL, Sonic Circuits Festival Washington DC/USA, MOZG Festival Warszawa/PL, Media Art Festival Groeneveld Barn/NL, Trytone Festival Amsterdam/NL, Amsterdamse Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten/NL, Elevate Festival Graz/A, Austrian Cultural Forum New York/USA, Redroom Baltimore/USA, Hungry Brain Chicago/USA, Array Music Space Toronto/CAN, Highwire Gallery Philadelphia/USA, Zaal 100 Amsterdam/NL, Loos Foundation Den Haag/NL, Overtoom301 Amsterdam/NL, Robinwood Concert House Toledo/USA, Teatr Szene Supernova Krakau/PL, Moozak Festival Wien/AT, DNK Amsterdam/NL.

About the musicians:

MICHAEL FISCHER * works on the speech immanence of sounds and their sculptural and dramatic evidence, in the fields of free improvised/experimental music, soundscapes and instant composition conducting. In 1999, Michael Fischer began involving the acoustic phenomenon feedback into his work and developed an exclusively analog, no-effect-based instrument, the feedback-saxophone, which was further explored at the ZKM Karlsruhe and presented at the Globale Festival ZKM. Since the mid-90ies international collaborations within the free improvised music scene f.e. with key figures such as William Parker, Denis Charles, Irene Schweizer, Peter Kowald, Rozemarie Heggen, John Edwars or Marc Sanders, as well as crossmedia projects in the fields of literature, dance, performance and visual media with significant artists such as Liz King, Marc Adrian, Gerhard Rühm, Ito Atsuhiro a.m.o.; numerous radio and live-settings with writers of experimental poetry and prose. As instant composition conductor he works with international improvisation orchestras and temporary large ensembles for festivals and and other institutions. In 2004 Michael Fischer launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra. Invitations as guest lecturer on free improvisation and instant composition conducting at the University of California Irvine, The Johns Hopkins University Maryland, Newcastle University Great Britain, University of Applied Arts Vienna, University of Architecture Vaduz a.m.o. http://m.fischer.wuk.at/feedback_saxophone.htm

VINICIUS CAJADO * , born and raised in São Paulo Brasil, is a musician with no boundaries between styles. His unique approach to the bass led him to win the prize with honors of most creative and unique playing at the International Society of Bassists competition, and to many festivals such as Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Jazz and the city Festival, Jazzwerkstatt, Curva Minore, international tours in different continents etc. Over the years, Vinicius had the pleasure to perform with Barre Phillips, Wolfgang Puschnig, Mark Dresser, Savina Yannatou, Gerald Preinfalk a.m.o. and to learn from Joelle Leandre, William Parker, Drew Gress, Mark Copland, Susie Ibarra, Andreas Schreiber, Dave Holland, Mary Halvorson, Nicolle Mitchell, Eyvind Kang, Trey Spruance (Mr.Bungle, Secret Chiefs) a.m.o. Vinicius uses traditional and unconventional techniques to make the tradition new and cut any borders that have been created in modern music, in order to make the stage an organic space of interaction, to engage the audience to a thrilling experience together with the artist, rather than have the stage just as a showcase from the performer to the public.

MARCOS BAGGIANI * is a drummer, composer and producer. Born in Buenos Aires, he moved to Amsterdam in 2001, where he studied at the Conservatorium and gained a MA in Jazz. Since then he is performing within the fields of Rock, Jazz, Folk and Contemporary Improvised Music, evolving as a creative, powerful and versatile musician. Established ensembles include The Ambush Party, Celano/Badenhorst/Baggiani, Jerboah, Bagg*Fish and Antimufa. Marcos has collaborated with such improvisers as Ellery Eskelin, Shahzad Ismaily, Michael Moore, Sylvie Courvoisier, Ernst Reijsiger, John Edwards, Luc Ex, Michael Fischer, Oren Marshall, Wolter Wierbos, Ingrid Laubrock, Ab Baars, Natalio Sued, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, London Improvisers Orchestra, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Achim Kaufmann, John Dikeman, Jasper Stadhouders and many others, playing all over Europe and America. He is an active member of Amsterdam's flourishing improvisation scene, both as player and organizer. He was a founder and curator of The Meeting Point, a monthly music & dance laboratory at Bimhuis, later known as Monday Match. Marcos is also member of the trytone collective.