09.06.2017, 22:00

FLUC - Hezekina Pollutina Label Night Feat. Moët LIVE

Flyer für: FLUC - Hezekina Pollutina Label Night Feat. Moët LIVE
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Hezekina Pollutina Label Night
Fluc, Friday June 9th, 2017

Disco - Cosmic - Techno - Funk

Moët LIVE [ feat. Monique Fessl & Marta Navaridas ]
G.rizo LIVE [ Hezekina Pollutina ]
DJ Bernhard Tobola [ Erdbahnkreuzer/Tingel Tangel ]
DJ Tibcurl [ Icke Micke ]
Lumplecker [ school ]

Suggested Donation: 5E - 10E
(10E includes vinyl release from Hezekina Pollutina Records)
Time: 10pm til
Fluc, Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien

Facebook: hezekinapollutinarecords
Soundcloud: hezekinapollutina

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++++++++++++We Do It Cuz We Love It!+++++++++++++


We do it cuz we LOVE it! And we are all CONNECTED! So Lets get TOGETHER!

First of all we got the team behind ICKE MICKE, the undisputed Heavy-weight Underground Champion of all Viennese Parties!!! (Let’s not argue about this right now mmmmkay! lol!)

FACT: This club changed my LIFE: First G.rizo live show was at Icke Micke! Best club nights of my life were at Icke Micke! And not just mine. If you wanted to meet anybody (or avoid anybody in Vienna) it would be at Icke Micke. Most of the hot acts of the 2000’s passed through Icke Micke. Everyone was inspired by Icke Micke and from there went on to do their own parties.

Little did we know how spoilt we were to have one party as the epicenter of taste, variety, connectedness and also the stage to witness a ton of musical greatness. A lot of different scenes came together at Icke Micke. We thought it was all normal. And TANYA BEDNAR and HANNES BAUMANN, made it all look really easy. Every Friday for 6 - 7 years they hosted seamlessly!! I love these guys, they are some of my favorite DJs, I am happy to invite them and all play together under the same roof again!

Post-Icke Micke, of course lovely things STILL happen in Vienna albeit - less often (or is that me being an old-ass-Party-Grinch? lol!). The scene is a lot less connected (for sure!), but there are CERTAINLY pockets of magic here and there.

BERNHARD TOBOLA is one dude who has definitely been holding Vienna club-scene down (when you are talking about vintage/cosmic/disco/artsy stuff), he is doing really cool parties and festivals in the City. I have had some amazing time at Tingel Tangel and especially at this Erdbahnkreuzer party. And Bernhard has really come into his own as a DJ, I have seen some crazy things when he plays! Glad to have him!

And finally, we are happy to debut a live set by MOËT, “a melodic journey from house to electro,” with MONIQUE FESSL (synths/electronic/vocals) and MARTA NAVARIDAS (e-drums/vocals). Marta a performer and dancer, was the choreographer of my “Autonomy” music video back in 2012. She has started experimenting with music, having picked up drumming the last few years. And Monique Fessl has been active in techno scene in Berlin, Vienna and Graz for last 20 years! Together they start a new creative journey!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!




Monique Fessl is working as a musician, DJane and producer in the area of electronic music almost 20 years. Her consequent activities lead to european and international cooperations, releases and high rotation airplays on radio stations. After several long stays in Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover, Monique Fessl currently works from her home base Graz in Austria.

Since 2006 Monique Fessl is working solo. Several releases on famous labels like Tongut (Switzerland), Monomental digital (Hannover), Futureaudio (Hamburg) or the Grazer label Zeiger records, with the hit track “Schnee mit Matsch” occurred. All projects are supported on the Austrian national radio station FM4.

In the last years, her activities as Djane and Live Performer in the field of techno, deep house, minimal house and nu disco, leads to gigs in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia.

The latest productions, a remix of the new single “This House” from the Austrian Singer-Songwriter Clara Luzia, and a remix of “The Vardenettes”, a band from London, will be released in February 2017.

Marta Navaridas was born in San Sebastian (Spain) and lives currently in Graz (Austria). She works as a choreographer and performer within the field of contemporary dance. She is a founding member of the international performance groups The Loose Collective and Navaridas & Deutinger. Selected works: "Here Comes The Crook", "Your Majesties,” "Speaking of Which,” and "Queen of Hearts". Awards: Tall Order Linz, ACT Jury Prize Bilbao, BestOFF-Styria Theatre Award. Her latest projects are the confrontational spoken word-performance "The Battle" and her collaboration as a drummer with musician Monique Fessl.
Web: www.navaridasdeutinger.com, www.thebattlewordpresscom.wordpress.com, www.theloosecollective.com

As the folks at Everybody’s Darling party put it “Bernhard Tobola from the famous Tingel Tangel institution, Cosmic and everything else the heart still covets.”

Tibcurl is a DJ based in Vienna /Austria.

Her first passions were playing bass and singing in bands at age 16 imitating Primal Scream and The Velvet Underground.

At Age 17 she discovered House and Techno – began mixing in 1998 and made her first attempts in Tokyo where she spent 6 Months on an overpriced scolarship.
Back in in Vienna, she initialized "Electronic Resistance", a political riot formation featuring Sound System Demos against the Austrian Right Wing Government.
2 Mix CDs “Electronic Resistance“ and “Electronic Resistance, The Jingles“ were produced. (featuring Electric Indigo, Pulsinger&Tunakan, Tosca, Christopher Just, Bernhard Fleischmann etc..) She was a radio editor at Radio FM4, and started her own Friday Club ICKE MICKE back in Vienna from 03-11 . Moved to Berlin in 2007. Living and working in Vienna, Berlin and Johannesburg.

Tibcurl has real dedication to experimental and electronica sounds, from Minimal House (Playhouse, Perlon), Electro (Ersatz Audio, Viewlexx ...), Minimal Techno (Kompakt, Areal), Dancefloor (Bpitchcontrol, Shitkatapult) to Electronica and Crossover (Tigersushi, Karat).
Through her set she delivers a deep, funky complex sound but always sexy.

Tibcurl played in Clubs like the Flex (Vienna), Fluc Mensa (Vienna), the Harry Klein (Munich), the Registratur (Munich), the G5 (Zürich), the Villa (Traunstein), Bullets (Tokyo), Loft (Barcelona) and Tryptique (Paris), Maria (Berlin), Dachkantine (Zürich).

Lumplecker started djing in New York in 2004, spinning minimal techno at Cash Checking and organizing a weekly party with G.rizo (Long Hot Summer). Being a huge fan of K-Hand, she wanders between Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Lumplecker is an artist based in Vienna and the founder of school (www.weloveschool.org)