26.05.2017, 21:00


Flyer für: FLUC - XOXO #1
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XOXO is a monthly underground electronic-music event/party, which is curated by Evren da Conceição and intends to present and bring together the most extraordinary, original and underground sounds of Vienna. One night in month dedicated to experiencing the true spirit of techno (and more)!


9-10 pm
CHRA - Live (Editions Mego, Comfortzone)

Chra is the alter ego of Viennese author, DJ, music addict and radio/TV presenter Christina Nemec. After a period experimenting with low frequencies and noise effects, chra started to work on more club friendly beats, using sinewaves processed through a tape recorder and other analogue and digital tools to allude to landscapes, territories, silence and extraordinary and extreme situations. She is also a member of Shampoo Boy and SV Damenkraft, has made performance works with Lydia Lunch, and runs her own label, Comfortzone. chra has been playing shows all over austria, germany, NYC, slovenia, norway, riga, london, poland,mexico, argentina, chile,uruguay and more ...


10-11 pm
Somehow catchy experimental music? A very rough and bulky kind of pop? Or a challenging one-women show for the avant-garde wedding where one dances IDM ?



11-12 pm
TOBI BINÄR - Live (Elektroland)

12-03 am
With a focus on the performance art Evren tries constantly exploring the intersections between performance art and different fields such as sound/music, philosophy and visual arts.
She defines herself as “nomad” both artistically and geographically. Evren started her carrier as an actress/performer in Istanbul. In 2003 she moved to Vienna, which was followed by collaborations with artists from different disciplines and residencies in different cities (Istanbul, Vienna, Bangkok, Manila, Kyoto, Tokyo, etc.).
In 2006 she started to live in Salvador da Bahia /Brazil. There she had two and half years intense contact with the Afro-Brazilian culture and music and started to focus her work constantly on music/sound. In the last four years she is researching and exploring specifically performance art and electronic music. In her works she is singing, using spoken word, experimenting with her voice, producing and DJing. Evren is founder member and artistic director of RhizomArt and a passionately vinyl collector.


03-05 am
MÆLANIN - DJ Set (Non Funxion)
Born (1989) in Luxembourg but currently living in Vienna, MÆLANIN run into techno music in 2012 and her love for it has been inexhaustible since then. In summer 2015, she came across with turntable and vinyl, finding quite fast her passion for collecting records. She has a taste for deep and dark yet driving dancefloor techno. These dusky and banging vibes pull you in and remind you what it is to really feel techno.


Special Guest: OG Spiritual Godess (Makossa & Megablast, Luv Lite Recordings)

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