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GRELLE FORELLE - Techno.Deluxe with Ø [Phase] X Drumcell

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Techno.Deluxe X Unpolished Music

Ø [PHASE] - Token / UK
DRUMCELL - Droid / Dystopian / USA

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SUTTER CANE - Driving Forces / Techno.Deluxe / AT
DLV - Techno.Deluxe / AT

VISUALS by Glowing Bulbs / Kiégő Izzók / HU

Ø [Phase]:
Since the late 1990’s Ø [Phase] has been part of the UK Techno scene. The London based producer whose style ranges from gritty Minimal Techno to Detroit influenced material is best known by his work on Token Records. Originally a mastering engineer, he began producing as a sideline, releasing his debut “Module Overload” on Steve Bicknell’s Lost/Cosmic records in 2000. This was followed by a string of productions for London’s Surface/Inceptive Records and Ben Sims’ Ingoma imprint, all of which saw consistent support throughout the techno community.

He started working with Token in 2007, and his music progressively earned more and more worldwide recognition – significantly on 2012′s much acclaimed “Binary Opposition” single and subsequently on his 2013 debut LP ‘Frames of Reference’. Regular appearances at the world renowned Berghain in Berlin, REX (Paris), FUSE club (Brussels) and Lux (Lisbon) (amongst others) along with remixes for the likes of Planetary Assault Systems, Robert Hood and Marcel Dettmann confirmed Ø [Phase]’s music beyond doubt as an essential voice within the genre.

Today his schedule is busier than ever. After producing his 2nd album ‘Alone In Time?’ in 2015, he continues to perform all over the world with many forthcoming dates in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas during 2016.

Drumcell was born as Moe Espinosa in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley. Far away from the glamour and glitter of Hollywood he cut his teeth growing up in a vibrant, diverse neighborhood and still draws inspiration from this cultural melting pot. It also remains the area where he and the Raíz brothers Vangelis and Vidal – who together founded the Droid Behavior events collective in the early 2000s – hang out and regularly plot their widely known and respected Interface warehouse events.

A classically trained musician in his youth, Moe came to circulate around the Noise, Punk and Industrial scene, playing guitar and singing in various bands until he discovered the early ’90s L.A. rave scene. He fell in love with this music and immediately dove deeper to find out how it was made. That was when he got in touch with some of the heroic synthesizers of Techno’s early years. His enthusiasm for those exciting, synthetic sounds was beyond words, and the following years he hardly left the studio of his day job to work on his own productions in a little back room at night. When he handed out his first self-produced, self-pressed vinyl’s at the Electronic Music Festival in Detroit and some of the DJs played his record the very next day on various stages, he was chuffed and ready to go all the way.

Even though he has become one of the more popular Techno artists in the North American scene, you can still hear his Industrial and Noise roots in everything he is doing. His debut album “Sleep Complex” – which was released on CLR – is characterized by a complete disregard for genre limitations and is everything but a conventional Techno album. Drumcell is a science-fiction-movies-loving technology geek with a Punk Rock soul, who has explored and discovered the analogue world as much as the digital world of music production, to finally combine them into his very own raw, suspenseful and hypnotic style. He is literarily addicted to analog synthesis and spends countless hours in his studio, ceaselessly experimenting and searching for new, mind-expanding sounds.

Drumcell has played at numerous prestigious venues worldwide, from Berlin´s Techno mecca Berghain to the main stage of the Movement festival in Detroit. His label Droid Recordings and his own releases have captured the attention of many of the world’s top Techno jocks. Drumcell has come full circle and is ready for a whole new chapter of what he is best at and what matters most to him in life – the manifestation of truthful emotions in futuristic sonic concepts.


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