07.11.2013, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - Homewerk & Tingel Tangel pres. Lando <><

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✖ Tingel Tangel "Icee hot" Kitchen


"Lando's (a.k.a. the artist formerly known as Lando Kal) career began nine years ago in the Bay Area, where he works as a DJ and producer in the underground clubs of San Francisco as one half of Laser Sword where he caused a stir. Before he moved to Berlin in 2010, he spent several years in NYC to find his own sound as he had a residency at CassetteNYC parties alongside Machinedrum, Praveen and Falty DL. His great passion for early Detroit techno is unmistakable in his productions. Through his growing fleet of hardware mutations arise from early Electro, Techno, Miami Bass and Acid. He already released on Labels like Hotflush and Rush Hour. In the next edition of Homewerk and Tingel Tangel Lando will play one of his outstanding DJ sets, which is accompanied by a live TR-909 programming."


Armin Schmelz (TT)
Bernhard Tobola (TT)
Simon Riegler (TT)


✖ Homewerk "APE" Foyer

Laminat (Bebop Rodeo/Moodlab)

Goldcut Crates (FarbDiscoGraphie/VARE)
BCKSRCKR (FarbDiscoGraphie/VARE)


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