08.10.2022, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - Chlär b2b Frederic. All Night Long | [Selected]

Chlär b2b Frederic. All Night Long

Kitchen Hosted By Acid Lambada_
Dzc. Peletronic Spumantemike

We are proud to present our newest international resident Frederic. After the last few [Selected] events here, this choice was a no brainer (if you were here, and saw him behind the decks you know what we mean). Despite his young age, he has reached a maturity in sound with his rave-oriented style of razor-sharp techno, mixed to perfection. Frederic has caught the eyes and ears of many ravers in his native hometown of Berlin and beyond. Both hard and groovy, his sets will make you clench your teeth but smile at the same time, all while shaking those hips. We look forward to his all nighter together with Chlär on the 8.10.. There is no stopping this man, so get ready to dance!