11.01.2014, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - The Tale of Praslea [a:rpia:r] RO

A king had a magnificent garden with a tree that bore golden apples, but he never ate them, because every year, the apples were stolen as they became ripe. None of his guards could catch the thief. His oldest two sons tried, one year after the other, but fell asleep near midnight. The next year, the youngest son, Prâslea, tried. He set up two stakes to prick him if he ever started to lean in his sleep. At midnight, he heard rustling and shot an arrow. In the morning, a trail of blood led away, and the apples were ripe.

blablabla he became Dj and married the princess


// Kingdom aka Mainroom

▬ PRASLEA [a:rpia:r] RO

+ the king aka Alecante (Sunday Mornings)
+ the brothers aka DLV & Paco di Bango (DIsco Tales)

// Garden aka Kitchen

GVBBV / Vihanna
Casualclay / Vihanna
Rave Rabbit / Prasselbande


Sunday Mornings w. special guest & Alecante Cielín



Entry: 13€

Save the Date: 15 March

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