11.11.2017, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - Dead Sea Diaries feat. Oscar Mulero (PoleGroup/Warm Up - ESP)

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»Sodom & Gomorrah«

produced by Wechselstrom
supported by Meat Market


OSCAR MULERO / PoleGroup / Warm Up - Spain
GERALD VDH / Meat Market
MATT MOR / Dead Sea Diaries

Second floor:
BØRT / Meat Market
WELIA / Sama Rec.

RA Event:


11€ till 11:11pm
15€ afterwards




Oscar began as a DJ at the end of the 80’s in Madrid, in the most experimental clubs of the city such as Imposible, Capital, Kitch and Babia, playing Gothic Rock and EBM, the most important styles at the time. In the 90´s he began to play at the legendary club New World (Madrid), the most influential after hours location at that time. By the middle of the 90´s he helped to set up and run The Omen, a club which quickly became the most important place for hypnotic dance in Spain.

The closure of this legendary club in 1995 marked a change in direction. He began to play all around Spain and gradually distanced himself from his characteristic sound he had previously favoured, and moved towards a more basic minimal techno influenced by artists such as Joey Beltram and the new Detroit sound of Jeff Mills.

Oscar has become an icon, the maximum exponent of the hard techno sound in Spain and his popularity has grown in an unstoppable geometric progression. Oscar’s sound became more and more focused, incorporating techno´s most advanced developments into his sets. His incredible skills behind the decks and his spectacular EQ techniques never leave the crowd indifferent.

While his DJ schedule took him around the world, Oscar started producing and releasing his first tracks in 1999. In 2000 he decided to create his own label Warm Up Recordings.

Oscar has also set up a new label, Pole Recordings. Like its predecessor, Warm Up Recordings takes its name and image from Oscar's lifelong passion, motorbikes.

In 2003, he came out on the Pure Plastic label under the alias Trolley Route “A Occhi Chiusi”, a totally mental electronic work that was also easy dance music. That album closed a cycle and confirmed his maturity as a producer.

Since then, he has, until today, continued his unceasing work as a sniper, producing and remixing for the best techno labels around such as Token, Tresor, Modularz, Faut, and hasn’t stopped appearing on the international electronic music stage.

His charisma and his professionalism have turned Oscar into something more than a DJ. He is admired wherever he goes and nobody can deny his status in the Spanish techno scene.

After his successful album "Muscle and Mind" out on his very own imprint Pole Recordings he gained a lot of respect and attention in the global Techno scene. He pushes boundaries but stays true to his roots. With a mixture of IDM and Techno Oscar didn't disappoint his fans and set an example for his importance to Spanish Techno.

His success has come from the things he most identifies himself with: hope, dedication and one hundred per cent passion for his work...