13.11.2015, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - Deep Baked presents: FJAAK live | <><

FJAAK live
(50 Weapons/City Slang-GER)

# https://www.facebook.com/fjaak

Aleksej Levski / Baha / Ferenc Merker
Ralf Jakob / Francis Conrad

| www.deepbaked.at
| www.grelleforelle.com
| www.monkeytown-live.com/fjaak/


# Artist-Info:

FJAAK is an electronic music trio from berlin. Having grown up together, they began to create all types of music made with microphones, guitars and drums in a dark, chaotic and dirty cellar at quite an early age. After getting in touch with the berlin-underground-techno-scene, days and nights started being all about music. Whether it was chopping beats on the mpc in the morning hours or studying manuals, the internet, vinyl stores and schneiders buero.