15.07.2017, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - Dead Sea Diaries feat. Etapp Kyle (Klockworks, Ostgut, Berghain)

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»Tales From A Distant Land«

produced by Wechselstrom
supported by Meat Market

Dear Diary,

I’m standing on the eastern shore of the dead sea,
watching the ocean, collecting my thoughts.
I came across this guy called Jonas and listened to his stories.
His tales were as beautiful as the sea.
He clearly triggered something in me though.
I once met a girl named Anetha,
and I was warned about dark places in a distant land.

The stories she had told on Mount Sodom were frightening,
yet compelling. They made me curious.

But then … black. I don’t remember how I made it this far.
Mount Sodom was too far away. Something brought me here.
Our brief encounter lasted not long enough and I can’t rely on perception.

Did I dream about Mount Sodom?
Had I ever reached the summit?
It felt so real. It left a feeling in my guts.

There’s this guy in the distance.
It seems like he’s watching the sea.
His silhouette reminds me of someone.
Someone I’ve heard stories of that I almost forgot.

As salt pebbles spread across my toes
while I’m walking over the sand, a thought struck me.

I remembered. It’s the man from the stories.
The man in my head.
Now I know why I came here.
My head seemed cloudy, but my memories came back.
Like sun rays bursting through fog in a cold faraway place,
my memories ignited a fire of thoughts.
It struck me like lightning.

As I reached the man, I discovered the book he held in his hands.
The title was „Tales from a distant land.“


FISH MARKET w/ Joton, Matt Mor & Gerald VDH
RSVP http://bit.ly/2u8rCdq


ETAPP KYLE / Klockworks / Ostgut / Berghain Resident - Berlin
MATT MOR / Meat Recordings / Wechselstrom

2nd floor

BØRT / Meat Recordings / Meat Market
CHRIS KLEIN / Wechselstrom
FŒRE / Wechselstrom


10€ before 00:30
15€ from 00:31


Resident Advisor

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Etapp Kyle

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Etapp Kyle http://bit.ly/N6YFoi
Matt Mor http://bit.ly/1rJkk59
Børt http://bit.ly/2rk6rDT
Chris Klein http://bit.ly/1u9jmQ2
Fœre http://bit.ly/2qykWmC


It took DJ and producer Etapp Kyle just a short time to make a giant leap from a stay-at-home audiophile to a status as hero on the decks. By now it's clear he made the right moves.
This young Ukraine-born and Berlin-based artist is developing rapidly.
Today Etapp Kyle is on the threshold of a new level of creativity, alongside Techno music's key artists.
His studio work is being met with critical acclaim by respected artists and labels. He is releasing music on Ben Klock's Klockworks label as well as channeling his music through sound systems of festivals and clubs worldwide.
Having enlisted the support and interest of Russia's Techno institution ARMA17, he made his first appearance in Moscow a couple of years ago and held a residency there until 2014.
These days he is travelling across the world, holds a residency at Berghain and has released on the club’s in-house label Unterton as well as contributing to Ostgut Ton’s ten-year anniversary compilation.
With the most sophisticated combinations of Techno sounds of the dance floor, Etapp Kyle invites us to explore the depths of a piercing cold canyon, now and then carrying fleetingly to a textural and hardly tangible landscape of a forest at night, with softness and smooth motion of warm air.
His love for dark and dynamic sounds finds its expression in the mixing with soft melodies and powerful grooves creating transparent, disembodied imprints of an illusory atmosphere.