15.11.2014, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - KANAL ROYAL | BARE HANDS | Shxcxchcxsh live | <><

Flyer für: GRELLE FORELLE - KANAL ROYAL | BARE HANDS | Shxcxchcxsh live | <><
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-- SHXCXCHCXSH Live (Avian / Semantica /SWE)
-- Sedvs (Bare Hands / Mikva)
-- Stock Projects (Bare Hands)
-- Evol (Meat Market / Bare Hands)
-- Herla (Bare Hands / Birdkids)


-- Protokol (Void Frankfurt / Mikva)
-- Tiqun (Mikva)
-- Tyrell Corporation (Mikva)
-- Sedvs (Mikva / Bare Hands)

Kanal Royal teams up with upfront viennese techno imprint BARE HANDS to celebrate the release of its 'European Moral Standards' EP.

Currently touring to promote their second album 'Linear S Decoded', swedish duo SHXCXCHCXSH will hit us with a live performance. After releasing on Semantica and Subsist, Shxcxchcxsh found their home in Avian, a thought-after contemporary techno label run by Shifted and Ventress.
Incredible complexity and sensibility without compromising the powerful mind-blowing techno the duo´s live performances truly stand out from the crowd.

Backed by Local Heroes Sedvs, Stock Projects, Herla and Evol, this will be a night to remember.

MIKVA is a new vienna based project focusing on more dark, obscure and experimental parts of current electronic music. Mainly influenced by the depressive 80s Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial sound-aesthetics. This is what you are about to receive.

Look in the mirror and get baptised by the emptiness buried inside your soul. You are home now.

10/12 eur