21.04.2017, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - Meuterei x Paranoid London

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For the next chapter of this vivacious season, we plan to dig deep into the realms of underground dance music. What better way to reach such levels than with the thoughtful and illustrious presence of Paranoid London?! While the English duo are keen on maintaining a low-key profile, this hasn't prevented their work from receiving the widespread acclaim and recognition that it rightfully deserves. Perhaps the most notable attribute of PL's method of operation is their conscious effort to stay true to the elements which have fostered their love for music. This is evidently abundant in their work, in which their label adheres to a strictly analog approach and their productions provide a nostalgic glimpse into what the making of house music once sounded like. That raw, visceral and unapologetic sound which pays occasional homage to the forefathers of acid has turned many heads as of late. We always strive to push the envelope at Meuterei and we believe Paranoid London will do just that once they touch ground in Vienna. Trust us when we say this is not one to miss out on!

Paranoid London // UK

Paranoid London are the real deal: dirty, repetitive music for DJs & dancers.

Lt.Dan // DonnersDucks // Worldwide
Laminat Kobermann // Ascending Waves // AT
Nick Jacobs // Meuterei // AT
Rik Moser // Meuterei // AT
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