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GRELLE FORELLE - Sonus Festival PreParty X Grelle Forelle

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Sonus Festival X <>< Grelle Forelle
Sonus Festival Pre Party


Binh | Perlon | Treatment | DE
Felix Rupprecht | Meduka | DE


The Elders Launch Party Afterparty
Preddy | DE
Rento | DE
Rajmatazz | DE

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"In the beginning sound was everything, gatherings of atoms that dance and by their movement produce sound.
When the rhythm of this dance changes, the sound it produces also changes – each atom perpetually sings its song. Our body and our organs are made from sound.
We believe that all of our hearts and minds have the inner technology and the capability to identify those sounds that are created and produced by real artists with passion and love.
Then comes the moment when this sound information enters our body through our ears. The spine tingles, we get goosebumps, we are smiling and we begin to move. Dancing.
We are synchronizing with the pattern of life itself, we find balance and what follows so naturally is happiness."

Sonus Festival 2016
21-25 August 2016
Zrce Beach Pag Island Croatia
FB: http://bit.ly/1UkCkoo