22.05.2015, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - OPEN HOUSE #2 | Tama Sumo & Lakuti (Ostgut Ton / Uzuri)



TAMA SUMO (Ostgut Ton / DE)
LAKUTI (Uzuri / DE)

Rainer Klang (Lost in Music / AT)
Mehmet Acuma (Cliché '81 / AT)


„Music for me is something very subjective and I always attempt to approach it with my intuition,” Tama Sumo
comments. „To be a DJ for me means to be in touch with the audience without speaking and to interact with the crowd and give them what they need while staying true to myself at the same time. It’s also fundamental to my work that I succeed at letting the music, the crowd and myself run freely. I have to turn off my head and go with the flow.
I love to create and play with different moods and atmospheres. And I’m still fascinated by the fact that music can release a huge amount of energy and fun immediately. Music and bass in particular make people happy!“
At the beginning of 2008, she has finally released her first record. Both tracks, “Play Up” and “Brothers, Sisters”, have been produced in collaboration with Prosumer. They perfectly sum up Tama’s take on house music: two rough and funky tracks which made the DJ Top 50 of German Groove Magazin at first go.
Lerato Khathi aka Lakuti emerged out of the ruins of a post – apartheid South Africa. Lakuti inevitably became frustrated with the geographic isolation of the country and relocated to London in 1997 ; after a 3 year stint in Toronto Canada, where she studied film and worked on various film related projects. She immediately looked into dedicating herself full time into music & looked at ways of achieving that goal. A break through came when she met the legendary Earl Gateshead, the powerhouse behind the Trojan Soundsytem , who took her under his wing. They promoted a monthly Friday for about 1 year at the hugely influential underground hub, Plastic People in London.
Lakuti alongside alan “Portable” Abrahams also established and ran their successful underground parties in London under the Süd banner. The events ran for 11 years until November 2011 and saw performances from artists such as Juan Atkins, Move D, Rik Wade, Dj Jus Ed, Prosumer, Lawrence/Sten, Efdemin, Carsten Jost, Pantha Du Prince, Shed, Daniel Bell, e.t.c.

Entry: 10€ <00.00> 12€