23.07.2022, 23:00


As if it were yesterday Vienna, you have certainly stayed in our memories! And now we are back! And not just like that, but with a line-up that's a mean one. On 23 July, we're back with the guys from Kalte Liebe, who are causing waves at the moment, long-time DJ and techno legend Jay Clarke will be onboard. And the devil himself, DLV, returns to his hometown. On top, the kitchen floor will be hosted by Acid Techno Techno Club with artists straight out of Vienna. Caniche, Derrick Raw, and Okrim will provide you with the finest techno. All this will take place in the legendary Grelle Forelle. So save your strength and see you on the dancefloor. It will be epic!

Main _ by Voxnox
Jay Clarke
Kalte Liebe (Live)

Kitchen _ by Acid Techno Techno Club
Derrick Raw