25.10.2022, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - Fjaak & Special Guests | Spandau 20

Flyer für: GRELLE FORELLE - Fjaak & Special Guests | Spandau 20
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Fjaak Spandau 20
Elli Acula Spandau 20
Claus Schöning Spandau 20
Aida Arko Grelle Forelle

Hosted By Wiener Gerüstbau

Spandau20 is a record label from Berlin founded by FJAAK & friends. The imprint is focusing on artists from the western district Spandau as well as renowned artists from all around the world. The collective delivers jacking warehouse techno and electronic peak time treats, balancing old and new school sounds effortlessly. The label launches some of Berlin’s young talents from the city’s Techno scene, so watch out :-)! Besides the dancefloor orientated main series the label is kicking off a limited extra series with wider spectrums of music and formats for vinyl nerds and collectors. The label is also diversifying into other art mediums with their NFT releases. The prestigious Mixtape series features a well equipped range of banging newcomers and certified legends as well. Not to be missed: the collective has been doing events since a decade using different names and identities. They host legendary label nights that offer skillfully researched dj sets and next level hardware live jams.