27.11.2015, 23:00

Grelle Forelle - RECONDITE Live | RNDM | 5 Jahre Turbo | <><

Flyer für: Grelle Forelle - RECONDITE Live | RNDM | 5 Jahre Turbo | <><
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RECONDITE Live | Dystopian | DE
RNDM | Dial | DE
Baha | Deep Baked | AT



Hosted By Deep Baked

Aleksej Levski / Ferenc Merker
Ralf Jakob / Francis Conrad

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8€ 23:00-00:00
10€ 00:00 - 01:00
13€ 01:00 - ENDE


"Lorenz Brunner (aka Recondite) grew up in a rural area which is often named as the source of his inspiration. Beside the environment and the lower Bavarian landscape, the population is called as a direct influence to his work.This is true for the artist in general and for his alias Recondite in particular.

Recondite's diversity of appearances is reflected by releases on various labels such as Dystopian and Innervisions. These are driven by different variations of electronic music, but at the same time characterised by Brunner's own sound. Recondite performs live and is known for his sets adapting to the prevailing mood of the audience as well as to the divergent local conditions. This earned him the number one spot on RA's annual live act poll.