29.10.2022, 23:00


REDIVIDER 2.0 at the Viennese institution: Grelle Forelle.

We are back in full effect to bring you a night defined by energy and pleasure for all of the Goddesses and God’s.

PATRICK MASON is coming to Vienna to demonstrate exactly why he has reached the status of underground superstar in the Techno scene right now. He stands out amongst the crowd with an empathetic and highly personal track selection, blending genres and diverse cultural influences in a fashion that keeps the club in perpetual motion. Patrick is the kind of DJ that fundamentally understands the duality of a club performance through a gentle balance as a selector as well as an entertainer.

Patrick Mason personifies and embodies his music and puts his passion on full display through motivating dance moves just showing absolutely everone in attendance just how much fun and energy he gets from his sets.

REDIVIDER is taking care of you for the rest of the night as usual. If you love Techno, Electro, driving basslines and smiling DJs you probably know our crew consisting of TEZIBEL, DJ Deadlift and Big Stein by now.Throwing parties all across the city our collective is known for its eclectic sound and while always keeping it focused on the dancefloor for a proper night of raving.

A PARTY CALLED JACK is here to balance things out on the Kitchen floor in a way that only one one of Vienna's most notorious House collectives possibly could. Expect the floor to be filled with uplifting energy stemming from New York to Chicago. This night is destined to bring everything you need for a fulfilling party and are elated that you will be able to experience it together with us.

Line Up:

Patrick Mason
Dj Deadlift
Big Stein

Kitchen hosted by A Party Called Jack
Flo Real
Altroy Jerome
Rumi von Baires

Limited presale tickets available!