30.11.2018, 23:00

GRELLE FORELLE - Motor City Drum Ensemble | 7 YRS Grelle Forelle

Seven Years Of Sin

Day ONE: Motor City Drum Ensemble 7 YRS Grelle Forelle
Day TWO (Daytime): 52 Degrees feat. François X Seven Years Forelle
Day TWO: Karenn / Henning Baer / Dr. Rubinstein 7YRS Grelle Forelle

Friday 30/11:

Motor City Drum Ensemble MCDE Recordings DE
Kido Soon Praterei AT
Giorio Becs PT

Hosted By Service
Shrimp Traxx sama recordings AT
Franzjazzco Disko404 Service AT
Steinwald Service AT
Jay Smoo Service AT

Saturday Daytime (start 8 am) w/ 52 Degrees 1/12.

François X Dement3d FR
Gerald VDH b2b Matt Mor Meat Market Dead Sea Diaries AT
Børt Mutter AT
Alex Maurer Turbo Projects AT

Saturday Night 1/12:

Karenn Live (Blawan & Pariah) Sheworks UK
Henning Baer Grounded Theory Berlin DE
Dr. Rubinstein DE


Katia Ost Sound AT
Marie Cherie AT
Ranah Geist Bliss AT
Therese Terror Hyperreality Bliss AT

AK: 19€
2 Day Ticket (Friday and Saturday)
VVK: https://ntry.at/7yrsgrelleforelle

1 Day Ticket Friday: