20.12.2019, 23:00

HORST - FM4 pres. Vitalic live

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▌ViTALIC live ▌
This was one of the
most amazing shows we
had so far in our club.
Good to have you back...

Sebastian Schlachter / FM4 La boum Deluxe
Paco Di Bango
Alien & Kino
w/ visuals by Mehrdad Derafshi

Hannelore hosted by
Die Zuckerlkettenfrau / FM4:
Dzc. / FM4 La boum Deluxe
Julia Goldfarb
Stipo (Rhythm Science)

13€ < 00:30
16€ > 00:30

presale: https://zen.eventjet.at/shop/event/14770
▌NET. ▌

• https://fm4.orf.at/
• https://www.vitalic.org/