25.11.2023, 23:59

Kramladen - LÖWENZAHN w/ Emma Keks (TIF/Mikro Club) & Stephan Licha (TIF/Kommune)

Flyer für: Kramladen - LÖWENZAHN w/ Emma Keks (TIF/Mikro Club) & Stephan Licha (TIF/Kommune)
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DEEP / MELODIC / RAVE / TECHNO all night long

Sa. 25.11.23 24h - 06h

The friendly Thuringian Emma has been standing behind the decks of various clubs for 5 years now. With passion and joy, she has rapidly transitioned from being a dancing regular at clubs like her 'living room' at Muna or festivals to becoming the driving force behind the DJ booth.
Keks took her first steps in none other than Berlin, where she secured a residency after her first 'all night long' performance. Since October 2021, she has been a resident of the Mikro Club Crew in Jena, while also being a familiar face at The Island Festival in Croatia for the past 4 years.
Emma is synonymous with driving and groovy beats, making every night an absolute success.

In 2009, Stephan moved to Berlin, started producing, and played numerous gigs in bars and small clubs such as the KingSize Bar or the Rekorder Club.
Step by step, his ongoing journey has established him as an integral part of Berlin's techno and house scene. Furthermore, his DJ skills have earned him an international reputation, leading to performances in Tulum, San Jose, Ibiza, Thailand, Macedonia, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Uruguay, and at Sonar Barcelona.
Stephan's first release came in 2015 and was published by the Swiss label ShikkiMikki Records. Several subsequent releases on labels like Lapsus Music or Bob Sinclar's Yellow Productions, to name a few, followed. Stephan has refocused on the essential groove and swing of the music that initially drew him into this scene. His most notable release, "Choose One," reached #3 on Traxsource Tech-House Charts.
The future looks bright for Stephan. His first album is in the making, and many more releases will follow. So, stay tuned for open-source inspiration, wild parties, sweat on the walls, and plenty of 4/4 bass-heavy music!

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