23.09.2018, 19:00

Luftbad - Recording ROOM LIVE at Luftbad

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Gästeliste Verlosung

Für diese Party verlosen wir 2x10 Gästelisten Plätze.
Um teilzunehmen trage einfach deinen Namen und deine Email Adresse bis zum 23.09, 14:00 hier ein:
Hiermit bestätige ich dass für das Gewinnspiel mein Name und meine E-Mail-Adresse gespeichert werden können.
- Recording Room is a weekly “open decks platform” which includes a live video stream and recording.
- Recording Room is a potential audition opportunity for an invitation as a guest DJ on The DIGITAL KONFUSION MIXSHOW hosted weekly on RADIO FM4.
- Recording Room is a “DJ-Stammtisch”, a place for experienced deejays, as well as newcomers on the scene to network with each other, have possible future collaborations with each other, exchange contacts, ideas, technique, and music between each other. Promoters, party people and fans of deejays and music are all welcome to participate. No entry fee.
How 2 get a slot (all slot times will be determined on location unless specifically invited by the RECORDING ROOM TEAM ONLY!):
Slot 1: Pre-registration via our Facebook Fanpage (REGISTRATION CLOSES ON FRIDAY 5PM) Deejays please include a link to your soundcloud/mixcloud/etc., as well as a contact e-mail address.
Slot 2: Live Slot SELECTION in Location (Fairplay use, 1st come - 1st serve)
Slot 3&4 : Open deck Slot (selected on location by the REC ROOM TEAM)
LIVE SETUP: 2 x Pioneer CDJ 900 NXS 1 x Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer / Video Recording and/or Video Livestream Audio Recording (if you need to use Turntables, Consoles or whatever; bring it yourself and be there early enough!)
Luftbad (Luftbadgasse 17, 1060 Wien)