18.08.2017, 23:00

Meuterei - Pieces of Four - Volvox - Discwoman

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PIECES OF 4 // 3/4


Volvox / Discwoman / NY
Therese Terror / Menophilias
Thomé Rozier / vw

Entry 4€ > 00:40 > 10€

"Over the past 18 months, their mission of democratising dance-floors and imbuing club culture with a renewed handle on liberal ideals has been inspiring to observe and genuinely effective throughout the spaces they’ve performed at.

A central figure in the collective’s roster is Volvox – staple of the Brooklyn underground and master of direct, colourful techno that pierces through the norm.

In the past 12 months, she’s delivered high-profile sets at De School and Berghain – refining a style of set that stays rooted in the underground without side-eyeing the tastes of bigger room crowds."

- http://crackmagazine.net/

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