19.09.2021, 12:30

Off-Location - 36 - techno in harmony

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19.09.21 12:30 - 21:30 2h Dub 7h Techno
for the protection of alternative open spaces; for a harmonic coexistence between residents and artists.


TRPPN find the location on the 19th of September via TRPPN: bit.ly/36_TRPPN
Hello crazy people! We cannot believe it ourselves, but it is here! On the 19. of September Techno in Harmony has its third edition!

It’s been almost a year since we first showed how important it is to have alternative spaces to come together and feel free. We filled unused spaces with life and showed how our community did not die with the pandemic. That’s why we decided to do something special. Third time’s the charm, right?

Techno in Harmony is all about the importance of alternative (party)-spaces and subculture. Like the other two editions, we still stand for an alternative usage of outdoor spaces and party concepts that allow us to come together without spreading a nasty virus. But this time we added an extra sprinkle.

Nightlife was hit hard by the pandemic. Clubs and Bars closed. Jobs were lost, money was rare and friends and peers where seen rarely.

It’s not questionable that all people involved in the nightlife were affected. But queers especially felt the effects of the closing of safer spaces. Therefore, this edition of Techno in Harmony is colored rainbow!

Queers are a big part of the Techno Subculture, and our collective. Although everyone seeks a different thing in Techno, Queer people often find their peers for the first time. At parties and in clubs queers can flirt, can kiss, can dance without having to explain themselves. The pandemic although made these encounters unavailable and alternatives were nowhere to be found. Finding your people and most importantly you is so much easier with places like clubs, bars and parties, where people like yourself are being unapologetically themselves.

That’s why we decided to organize this demonstration to show loud and proud how necessary alternative event spaces during this pandemic are to make it possible to still come together. We call for the empowerment of a queer-subculture that almost vanished from the face of the earth. So please come out fellow queers and show that we still are here and can find alternative spaces to be loud and queer and wonderful!

We hope to see your beautiful face!
And don’t forget:
Save the rave & rave safe
∆ Johannes Piller (Fachgruppe DECKvlan.radio)
∆ Laurent Koepp (Vienna Club Commission)
∆ tba

∆ Caniche (Sweaty Bush Berlin Push Network)

∆ CED (Black Market Lichtbogen)

∆ Crystal O

∆ Echion (Dead Sea Diaries)

∆ Farad (ANANAS Tongræber)

∆ Federika (rosacowboykarl)

∆ Matt Mor (Dead Sea Diaries)

∆ Olorr (Wiener Gerüstbau Tennis Lektüre)

∆ Raverena (ANANAS)

∆ Specific Objects (Meat Market Twice Infinity)

∆ Thies (ANANAS Elektrotribe)

∆ Violetta (ANANAS Push Network)

∆ Mehrdad Derafshi

∆ Danubian Dub Soundsystem
∆ ANANAS Awareness

∆ For safety compliance, we are supported by our ANANAS Awareness Team.
∆ Masks are required throughout the demonstration area!
∆ A minimum distance of 2 meters must be maintained!
∆ Demonstrate responsibly for you and the people around you!
∆ Please only come if you got tested negative on the 319h, are already vaccinated or had covid in the last 6 months.
∆ If you do not feel well, stay at home and get well, it will not be the last chance to celebrate with us. Better safe than sorry!

Come as you are and demonstrate with us the whole Sunday:
∆ respect the location and the people around you
∆ respectful photography policy
∆ no tolerance for sexism, transphobia, racism or homophobia

We are members of the Worldtrash.Foundation, please
∆ respect nature
∆ use ashtrays and pocket ashtrays
∆ use a waste bin
∆ recycle
∆ bring your own cups
∆ use biodegradable glitter
∆ Texts: Martin Hofer
∆ Graphics: Nicola Toth & Yulia Grafikdesign Studio
∆ Kundgebungsleiter: Sascha Aringer

∆ linktr.ee/ananasvienna
∆ instagram.com/danubian_dub_soundsystem
∆ www.trppn.net