18.04.2014, 23:00

OPERA CLUB - DJ Marfox & Taso Teklife #Zen



We are more than happy to announce this

Dj Marfox (Principe/ Lisboa)
Taso (Teklife / SanFrancisco)
Feloneezy (Zen/ Mystik stylez/ Teklife/belgrade)
Vuk Dedier (only/zen)
Simke (zen/zero)


"This music has something that most music in the West does not have," Pedro said before the party. "It has a truly profound inter-continental appeal. This can work in Africa. This can work in all of Latin and North America, in Asia and, of course, in Europe. This music has been brewing for centuries, through the slave trade, through immigration, and now through digital technology. Fruity Loops is a miracle for this secular brewing process, because finally you get this pristine percussive complexity translated directly to digital and then onto the vinyl. Now you can finally translate all these centuries of rhythmic advancement. Because it has that kind of richness to it, it can work. Because it's been brewing for so long, it can work anywhere. But it's not populist. It's not global in the sense of United Colours Of Benetton bullshit. It just works. People just react to it."

Entry 10€