17.02.2023, 23:06

petersplatz.eins - Clubnacht am Petersplatz

electronic sound meets abstract jazz & hiphop tunes

we are inviting you to an unforgettable club-night at petersplatz.eins with

10€ < 00:00 > 12€
23:00 - 06:00

• ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ɴɪᴛᴇ
dj/producer/promoter based in Cape Town
founder of retrograde


• ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʟᴏɴɪᴏᴜꜱ / affine records
dj/produce/guitarist from Vienna
his love for sampling & late-'50s to early-'60s jazz


• ᴢᴀɴꜱʜɪɴ / affine records
musician/sound artist/producer from Vienna
modern techno/bass music to House with strong jazz influences


• ᴅᴢᴄ. / acid lambada
dj/singer/producer from Vienna
progressive house and thrilling broken beats with elements of the 90s


come and party with us!