22.04.2023, 23:00

petersplatz.eins - House of Wonders III

House of Wonders proudly invite you to our third grand event at Petersplatz.eins on 22.04.2023, starting at 23 o'clock.

The Story
Let’s face it. You and me, we both like to party. Surrounded by the people we love - those, whose beautiful minds are utterly and unconditionally vibing with ours. We love when our eyes meet in the dark, and when the smile that follows, gently brushes our souls. We love when the beat is ripping up the speakers and our asses are moving in a sync, infected by the rhythm as primal as the human race itself.
We started this thousands of years ago, dancing naked around the fire, we never stopped, and never will stop. It may seem that our ancient, rhythm worshipping tribe has been broken down to a bunch of lone wandering digital nomads and that we have ventured far from each other. It may seem that they managed to silence us.
But no. Our minds always find each other, our hearts connect.
Together we will get to see the light of the new day.
This is our mission and our story: to bring all of us lovebirds together in a celebration of love and freedom. To laugh, to cry, to touch and embrace each other. To unite us in a circle of free spirits who trust each other, can rely on each other, and are loyal to the laws of our digital tribe.

The party will go on from 23:00 till 06:00
VVK: 10 €
Abendkassa: 15 €

Behind the decks:

These are the important INFOs you should know about:
- As usual, there will be no guest list: equality for all
- We are not aiming to make any money and are only covering the costs of the organization.
- Dress-code? Come just as you are, beautiful and sexy as fuck. This is a house of love, friendship, freedom, respect & joy. We want you to feel at home. But know that it will get hot inside (... you have been warned).
Smoking is not allowed indoors!
- Finally, there is absolutely no need to tell you to love and respect each other, when we know just how lovely each and every one of you is.

Come and fly with us