10.01.2015, 23:00

PRATERSAUNA - GM1 - Trouble in Vienna!


☂ Wet dreams and dry skin ☼

Saturday night, suburban shady (Viennese) dreariness, all alone, teasing desire. Bleak housing, only cheap Bordeaux and pestilential pasties on your plate. Burned down fags, no chocolate left. On the internet radio station just the same old tunes. Lounging on the shabby sofa, only the fish in the aquarium dare to move in their old circles. On TV the same old Hollyworldidyll, on grindr trivial offers of french kisses. The love-stricken playmate has left for exchanges of cinematic experiences in the dark. A bit spaced out, but still horny, randy, on heat. But also sniffly, home grown cucumbers refuse to grow. A pity, they would make for delicious anal stimulation. Manual masturbation? No option, only the last escape into pointlessness. But the hungry shell rages in this charged up world. It wants to be hunted, it craves for touch, for the plain skin of a stranger, for naked and juicy intimacy. For a creature that has smells and tastes. Prime time Saturday night.

◤ Wake up… Get up, get dressed, up and … ◄

►GM1 is lurking in Vienna’s monumental Pratersauna. Inside exquisite testosterone bombers exuding unrestrained cheerfulness. Eruptive installations, lust getting out of the way of weariness. But we won’t promise anything. Nothing at all.◄

☉ Quickfacts ☉

GM1 - Trouble in Vienna
10.1.2015 @ Pratersauna
Starts: 23:00


Troublesome Welcome Boys and Girls

Circuit Floor:
☉ Superstar DJ/Producer Leomeo [F] (Sexy Cologne, Wildwexel, Just Dance Paris, Space Ibiza)
☉ Andi Mik (Pitbull, Up!)
☉ Gerald van der Hint (NSA, Gate, Circus)
☉ International Gogos

Pop Floor:
☉ Barbie Breakout [D] (GMF Berlin, Camp 77)
☉ Melli Magic [D] (GMF Berlin, Propaganda)
☉ Shane (KEN, Sündikat)

Sauna Floor:
☉ Feel free to explore at your own risk (men-only)

Online Pre-sale: 12,-
Doors: 15,-

Roomz Vienna
€ 99 for a double room, without breakfast
incl. 2 tickets to GM1
For reservations write an Email to [email protected]
Mention “GM1”


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