17.09.2015, 20:00

PRATERSAUNA - Klangfabrik Summer Series | 17.9 @ PRATERSAUNA

Klangfabrik Summer Series

Ladies and Gentleman,
After a short break there’s something big coming up!
We are very happy to announce that there will be a Klangfabrik party on every second Thursday at our favourite venue Pratersauna.
The Klangfabrik residents are going to entertain you with just the perfect tunes indoor & outdoor at the smooth swimming pool.
That’s all we need to not only enjoy one of the hottest summers in a long time. No we are also throwing the hottest parties in a long time.

We look forward to see many many happy & familiar faces ♥

NENI is serving our first guests FREE FOOD from their sortiment "NENI am Tisch" - be there early and enjoy your meal at the garden area with good music and sunshine!

We'll also have a Gaming Area, with the following games:

- 1-2 Minitischtennistisch from DISH TENNIS

-1 Table for some beer-pong action

▲XBOX 360▲
- Tekken
- Fifa

- Mario Kart


►► Mainfloor ►►

►♫ TBA ♫ ( TBA, UK)

Supported by:

▶ ▶ Dridi
( Klangfabrik )


▶ Jon Gravy
( Klangfabrik )


▶ Steven Hoder
( Klangfabrik )


►► Second Floor ►►

(Klangfabrik, Exide Code Records)


▶ hwIdp
(Klangfabrik, Absthetic)



◀ Info ▶

Entry: 8€ <22:00> 10€

Location: Pratersauna, Waldsteingartenstraße 135 102

Visuals by DornWittchen

pimped by:

Redbull Mobile