22.08.2015, 23:00

PRATERSAUNA - GM1 ☼ Summer Trouble!

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☼ ☼ ☼ GM1 - Summer Trouble! ☼ ☼ ☼


☂ Wet skin and dry air ☼

Drought stricken Vienna 2015. Suburban housing estates, voices from the neighbors’ apartments, sweat dripping from the ceiling, boredom fueling the sexual desire and igniting lust for adventure. The touch, the grope, the effort to stimulate yourself orally, the failure, the desperation. The blazing need for a real human being. Browsing through the contacts on your mobile. Nobody seems to do the trick. Longing for the unknown, the risk of a steamy encounter in the dark. A stranger’s smell, a stranger’s taste, a stranger causing the sweet pain you are so desperately longing for. A tiny craving becoming godsize, outgrowing the bearer of the desire. Intensity beyond strength. It’s that time of the year again. Summer in Vienna. Prime time Saturday night.

◤ Wake up… Get up, get dressed, up and … ◄

►GM1 is lurking in Vienna’s monumental Pratersauna. Inside exquisite testosterone bombers exuding unrestrained cheerfulness. Eruptive installations, lust getting out of the way of weariness. But we won’t promise anything. Nothing at all.◄

☉ Quickfacts ☉

GM1 - Trouble in Vienna
22.8.2015 @ Pratersauna
Starts: 23:00


Troublesome Welcome Boys and Girls go wet and wild - Summer action baby!

☉ Big and cosy patio to look at the stars and other things!

Circuit Floor:
☉ Superstar DJ/Producer Ben Manson (La Demence, Green Komm, Rapido, LAB's)
☉ Gerald van der Hint (NSA, Gate, Circus)
☉ Jay's On (OMG, g.spot)

Pop Floor:
☉ Darc Delirium (GMF Berlin, Irrenhouse)
☉ Alessandro Caruso (KEN, Heaven)
☉ Shane (KEN)

Sauna Floor:
☉ Feel free to explore at your own risk (men-only)
☉ Play safe
☉ supported by Red Ribbon Angels Aids Hilfe Wien

Online Pre-sale: 12,- (Here on Facebook or directly at https://eventjet.at/ticketjet/event/4790)
(due to organizational reasons pre-sale ends August 22, 2pm)

Doors: 15,-
ONLY 12,- (with car2go Österreich logged in mobile app)

Tourist Information:
roomz vienna
€ 99 for a double room, without breakfast
incl. 2 tickets to GM1
For reservations write an Email to reservations@roomz-vienna.com
Mention “GM1”

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