01.09.2023, 23:00

Praterstrasse / PRST - Lucid Sound x Merkwürdig w/ Omar | NIGHT

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Flyer für: Praterstrasse / PRST - Lucid Sound x Merkwürdig w/ Omar | NIGHT
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Lucid Sound and Merkwürdig, two collectives from Vienna join forces to present a fourteen-hour rave at Usus am Wasser and PRST, the rave starts as an open air and then moves into the club, which will give our guests the opportunity to drift through the day & night while the curated national and international line-up supplies you with music.

We are thrilled to invite Omar for this occasion. From his native Panama to his roots in Uruguay and Berlin, Omar’s musical ethos has been shaped through diverse landscapes and human connection, an identity that has been complemented by the artists who’ve made their mark on him-hometown heroes Bruno Gervais, DJ Koolt and Uruguayan export Nicolas Lutz. The rest of the lineup will be complemented by Katia Curie as well as Merkwürdig Residents Fabiano Jose, Reinhard Zach, Florian & Lucid Sound residents Pipo Schmidt & Matthäus.

Line Up (alphabetical order) - NIGHT


Artworky by @tobiasraschbacher

For more information and running order download the PRST+ App https://app.praterstrasse.wien/de/

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