16.07.2022, 23:00

Praterstrasse / PRST - WET w/ Hyperaktivist & TEZIBEL

Lez continue where we left off at the last super sexy WET. This time with extended 3hrs sets from:


TEZIBEL - [Redivider]

For more information and running order download the PRST+ App https://app.praterstrasse.wien/de/

Please note that WET is a party organized by dykes 4 dykes and the rest of the FLINTA spectrum. Our awareness team (ask for for them at the door)will be there for you at any time and our bouncers will choose wisely to guarantee a space for you, so please dont come in big groups if you identify as cis male and be aware that unfortunately we have a limited capacity for you in this case: send us a CODENAME via Facebook or instagram upfront to be able to enter the club!
Thx for ur understanding and lots of love, ur WET team
the venue is barrierefrei / accessible
FLINT: female, lesbian, inter, nonbinary, trans