02.12.2022, 23:00

RHIZ - UPD8E pres. FD // The North Quarter, UK

Zum Abschluss unserer Herbst/Winter-Serie haben wir niemand geringeren als FD eingeladen. Der in der Schweiz lebende Engländer beehrt UPD8E nach 2015 bereits zum zweiten Mal und wir können es kaum erwarten, ihn wieder für eine ganz besondere Session bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen.

FD // The North Quarter, UK

"With deep roots in London’s underground club scene, Freddie Dixon aka FD is an electronic music producer who has never compromised his vision or sound. A deliberate artist, he has spent years honing his craft and his wide-ranging influences have given him an unmistakable, highly detailed sound, allowing him to move comfortably between genres.

With over a decade spent releasing music, FD has built an impressive repertoire on many highly respected record labels. Most recently his acclaimed debut album ‘Better Days’ was released on the esteemed boutique label ‘The North Quarter’.

An experienced DJ, his sets are as diverse as his influences and FD knows how to inject the perfect mix of energy and integrity into a singular journey. Digging deep into a wide range of territories old and new, rough and smooth, he continues to play some of the best festivals and venues around the world."


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