06.01.2023, 21:00

RHIZ - MILLENIAL PUZZLED pres. Low Income $quad (Zagreb) w/ Strahinja Arbutina & more

Flyer für: RHIZ - MILLENIAL PUZZLED pres. Low Income $quad (Zagreb) w/ Strahinja Arbutina & more
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MILLENIAL PUZZLED pres. Low Income $quad

Are your 2022 resolutions cancelled? How do we proceed now? What will 2023 bring? Are you puzzled? There's one answer. For now let's start off by transcendæncing our ways through. We invited the proper honorable guest for that.


!!!!!Low Income $quad!!!!!

Legendary Zagreb-based electronic label and NTS show that you probably nodded your head to and filled your usb dj stick with the fresh label releases.

Strahinja Arbutina
Strahinja Arbutina is a DJ and producer from Zagreb, Croatia who runs a DIY label called Low Income $quad and holds a monthly residency on NTS Radio. Individually, he released music on labels such as BANK Records, Natural Sciences, REPITCH Recordings, PUPPY Tapes, Audio Bambino, Clan Destine etc. When DJing, he tends to go everywhere for a bit - from trance to gettotech, dembow, hyperpop, jungle, 90s looping techno all the way to noiser, industrial territory. His recent DJ tastes are showcased in a Boiler Room HARD DANCE mix he did a few months ago.

Boiler Room mix:
The latest NTS show: https://www.nts.live/shows/low-income-squad/episodes/low-income-squad-14th-december-2022
Last solo release, an EP on Low Income $quad from this year:

Four Hands and two souls result in unbelievably solid-jolting dance enhancing noises making thoughts melt. There are no genres, there is no limitation, just rhythms and sounds and two analogue aficionados trying to reach their spiritual peak. Together Vienna's DJ GUSCH & VOOCOO turn up the voltage and transplant a genre-blending experience directly into your minds.



Live Video: https://youtu.be/WJgPzVu7wbo

Fra und DJ Saratonin are playing/learning with/from each other since one and a half years now and recently found a DJ-collective called Booster Club. They never miss out on an opportunity to play *book us* - from soccer games to queer underground raves. Wherever they play they take you on a wild journey with a mix of Ghetto Tech, Ballroom, Deconstructed Club, (Hyper)pop, Breakbeat, Tek, Dance/Electronic and Hardstyle.
PS: very danceable

Pavel Amir. ("Inzhener Zemli") - dj, music enthusiast, selector, podcast maker and part of 5/8 independent radio crew. Pavel digs into a wide range of genres: from post-soviet trip-hop to noise rock and no wave, from cinematic haunting ambient to avant-garde metal. He might be known for his radio shows on Lyl Radio, project with V-A-C foundation and podcasts on 5/8 and EastEast radio/

Lucia Kagramanyan is a Vienna-based Dj mostly known for her NTS radio show Panorama Yerevan, which is showcasing solely Armenian music in its huge variety. Her balance between obscure and obvious and digger highlights as a selector/Dj can be heard on radio waves of Palestinian Radio Alhara, and past guest shows on Red Light Radio, Reform Radio Bristol, Rinse Fm, Operator Radio in Rotterdam, and others. She participated in the HIYA festival that celebrates female talent from the SWANA region in 2020, DJed Elevate Festival in Austria among other events in Europe and in her hometown Yerevan.


Admission: 10 EUR