06.10.2023, 23:00

RHIZ - DARK DROP with Dj Warzone, Satanic Soul, Flowercrime // rhiz 25:25

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Flyer für: RHIZ - DARK DROP with Dj Warzone, Satanic Soul, Flowercrime // rhiz 25:25
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Contemporary Underground Festival 25 Jahre rhiz

6.10. Club - curated by Dark Drop

Satanic Soul (LIVE)
Satanic Soul, a primal expression of strength, clarity shines through brutality. Soft and movable, without unnecessary parts, able to convey raw beauty at first glance.
27 years after the first Satanic Soul recording, an album with classic and new Trax will be released at the end of the year.

Flower Crime
aka Hannah Hansel was born in Frankfurt and has been based in Vienna since 2013.
Through her studies in art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna she soon became part of Viennas music scene.
Her sets are an invitation to take a trip into a hypnotic journey, hard and minimal at the same time.
She's one of the most relentless techno djs this city has to offer and one of the few who started producing as well. After her debut EP "Kalte Fließen" she is working currently on her first album. Dubby vibes, hazy vocals, twisted electronics, listen to Flower Crime and get a lesson in minimalist cool.

DJ Warzone
has been one of the heads of the Viennese techno underground for a good decade. The producer and DJ with Kurdish roots is as clandestine as he is active. He recorded mixes for major Soundcloud platforms such as Crude or Boilerroom Harddance and is represented on labels such as Natural Science, Puppy Tapes or Magdalenas Apathy. With his harsh lo-fi sound, he serves the entire spectrum of the hardcore continuum. Dirty drum machines and caustic synths are used as well as digital tools. The result sounds rebelliously infernal – “the sound for post-apocalyptic wastelands of hulking war machines and shattered dreadnaughts”.
After an extensive tour through the United States, he will showcase his latest Techno Dub project during a DJ set that night.

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