07.10.2023, 23:00

RHIZ - RADIO RUDINA with Adam Hadari, Ice Scholle, YPSY // rhiz 25:25

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Flyer für: RHIZ - RADIO RUDINA with Adam Hadari, Ice Scholle, YPSY // rhiz 25:25
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Contemporary Underground Festival 25 Jahre rhiz
6.10. Club - curated by Radio Rudina

Adam Hadari
a Queens native, is a versatile artist with a deep musical background, incorporating influences from various genres. His music combines minimalistic elements, atmospheric textures, and precise drum patterns for hypnotic tracks. He's made a mark in the electronic music scene with releases on respected labels and as a DJ, known for seamlessly blending diverse styles. Adam's international debut in Paris showcased his boundary-breaking performances, earning him recognition from NYC legend Frankie Bone, who personally invited him to remix a track, solidifying his presence in the city's dance scene.

Ice Scholle
is a DJ who heats up the atmosphere and makes the dance floor shake. With a wide
repertoire ranging from break beats to hard techno, he makes for a unique and unforgettable club
experience. His sets are the result of careful track selection and a true attention to detail.

As her artistic path has developed, YPSY has realized that style pluralism and eclecticism
are the keywords which best describe her forms of self-expression. Her short DJ-ing career
only confirms that, as you won’t hear her subject to just one genre in her sets. She enjoys
creating with and for the audience, and relies on sharing and exchange of ideas as sources
of inspiration. With that being said, breaks and dancey upbeats is what you can usually
expect from YPSY. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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