12.10.2017, 21:03

RHIZ - Entkunstung | rhiz

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Entkunstung rhiz Do. 12.10.

For the next Nacht der Entkunstung at rhiz, it is a great honour to finally have the support of two great selectors, really passionated DJs and producers:

Steinwald & Mister Bellini

Steinwald: an institution in the Vienna night-life. At the moment he is delivering the famous monthly event Service, dedicated to House, however, you can find him playing and making parties regularly in cities such as Berlin and London.

Mister Bellini: a Funkroom resident DJ and a terrific House producer who’s bringing out his own imprint really soon. We had the luck to listen to his forthcoming release and it’s a great homage to Chicago House, to Dance Music.


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