13.11.2021, 21:00

RHIZ - sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n № 6 w/ Aponogeton [Stroom, BE] LIVE A/V & Budokan Boys LIVE

Flyer für: RHIZ - sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n № 6  w/ Aponogeton [Stroom, BE] LIVE A/V & Budokan Boys LIVE
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sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n № 6

Aponogeton [Stroom, BE] LIVE A/V
Budokan Boys [US] LIVE
Welia [sama recordings, AT] DJ SET

s c h w e b e n nightshift w/
Seba Kayan (JA MANN, AT) DJ SET
Schande (ÄRGER, AT) DJ SET

hosted by:
Ambient Animal [sama recordings]

Poster Artwork & Photography by Pia Reschberger

Presale: https://ntry.at/schweben6
Doors: 13 EUR / 5 EUR from 01.00

kindly supported by Stadt Wien / MA7


„sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n“ evenings rub against the often closely meshed interfaces between avantgarde pop, electronic music and experimental music trends of the 1970s and 1980: beguiling kraut excursions, organic club music, uplifting ambient drones & gripping rarities to dance to: profound musical realities from different angles that will inspire you.

Aponogeton (Stroom, BE)
Aponogeton is the alias under which Jachym Vandenabeele has been crossing the boundaries of electronic music genres since 2011. The project underwent many transformations, but really started coming into its own when all remaining dancefloor ambitions (and with that everything resembling a beat) were left behind. Without losing any of its eclecticism, it became an exploration of everything that loosely fits under the label of ambient music, from its more familiar forms to its intersections with drone, minimalism, new age, neoclassical, ‘Fourth World Music’ and Berlin School.
Musical qualities that appeal to our imagination and emotions are central in Jachym’s work. His use of dynamics and intensity often show more kinship with a genre like post-rock than how we generally imagine ambient to be. This adds to an experience that is both immersive and overpowering.
At the end of 2016 Aponogeton self-released (in collaboration with Wool-E Tapes) a cassette titled And in That Fierce and Endless Night Every Star Burned Twice as Bright... on which he translated his fascination for the concepts and aesthetics of science-fiction to music. This tape was followed by a digital EP centered around the track Vesper in July 2017. An EP that reveals Aponogeton’s lasting affinity with what happens in the world of club music, and a song that against all odds got played on Belgium’s Radio 1 once.
On March 4th 2019 Aponogeton’s new album titled A Place of Solace was released by STROOM, the label of dj Nosedrip (Ziggy Devriendt), who has given him airplay on his radio shows (NTS, previously stroom.tv, 22tracks...) for years. On this album he continues to solidify the electronic niche he made his own, but this time it also got a pronounced conceptual (and even philosophical) dimension.


Budokan Boys (US)
Budokan Boys is the weird, adventurous pop project of multi-instrumentalist Jeff T Byrd and vocalist Michael Jeffrey Lee - two Americans in Berlin. Formed in New Orleans in 2014, they've released three albums. Their fierce and darkly-comic live shows combine off-kilter electronics, bizarre narratives, seedy saxophones and squealing slide guitar. They are part of SHAPE Platform's 2021 roster. It is the band’s goal to make their own weirdness and instability as accessible and enjoyable as possible.
When not making trouble for themselves as a duo, both labor in their respective fields. Jeff T Byrd composes music for film and radio, most recently NPR’s investigative podcast White Lies. Michael Jeffrey Lee writes and publishes short fiction, and is the author of Something in My Eye.

Welia (AT)
Welia is a Vienna-based dj and one third of live act Ausgesprochen: Neu. She is part of viennese label sama recordings and has her own bi-monthly show on Malmö based Retreat Radio. Her dj performances show an innate sensitivity towards selecting and combining various directions in and beyond electronic music. Music from outer space and off-the-beaten-track.

Seba Kayan (JA MANN, AT)
JA MANN - YAMAN is a series of events that aims to focus on BIPOC, queer feminist artists and thematizes migration and clubculture in Vienna.

Schande (ÄRGER, AT)
ÄRGER is a queer feminist techno collective based in Vienna with the aim to create safer spaces. Pushing the boundaries of viennese rave and party culture with ÄRGER beat, the collective targets the political nature of party spaces by giving space to marginalized groups and creating a collective experience of solidarity and joint euphoria in a world full of injustice.

For your own safety and the safety of others, please make sure to respect all Covid19 regulations during your time at rhiz! Thank you & enjoy your time!