16.07.2022, 23:30

RHIZ - rhiz pres. LIVE: Baruch Williamson (BE) + dj support by Giorio & Marie Cherie

LIVE: Baruch Williamson (BE)
plus dj support by Giorio & Marie Cherie

Doors: 8 EUR

Start: 23.30 CEST

Baruch Williamson is a producer and musician from Belgium who creates experimental, electronic and psychedelic indie songs.
He produces the tracks in his bedroom: sometimes lo-fi, sometimes bombastic, but always guided by intuition and curiosity, exploring new sonic worlds of melodic itineration and electroacoustic hybridity.
Influenced by artists like Aphex Twin or Dan Deacon, but also contemporary psychedelic rock, Baruch creates a danceable atmosphere that makes you fly away in your head. On this tour accompanied by live visuals and flute from samsaleumas, a French visual artist also based in Brussels.


Marie Cherie