20.05.2017, 21:00

RHIZ - Elektroland PARTY feat. Mixmaster Morris (UK)

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realtime prod. & ramjac proudly present:
SA 20.05.17 22:00


Visuals: BRANKO ANDRIC + 010ptix
ADMISSION: 8 € + welcome liquid
RHIZ Gürtelbogen 37 WIEN 8

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Am 20. Mai gibt es im Rhiz, an einem neuen Ort, wieder eine Elektroland Party. Zur Feier der Nacht kommt uns MIXMASTER MORRIS besuchen. Wer in der in den frühen 90er Jahren den gerade entstehenden Technosound in seinen verschiedenen Gangarten beobachtet hat, dem muss dieses Genie aufgefallen sein.

In dieser Zeit waren Technopartys oft nicht nur Orte sportlichen Tanzvergnügens, sondern es wurden zur Erholung,oder nur zum Genuss elektronischer Klänge ganze Räume mit Matratzen gefüllt und psychedelische Lichtprojektionen an die Wand geworfen.
Der Sound am Chillout Floor war eher flächiger, spaciger, von langwelligen Synthsounds und trippigen Beats dominiert,
wobei MIXMASTER MORRIS zu den ganz großen Acts dieser Tage, und immer noch zu zählen ist.

In der aufkeimenden Rave Szene Londons, und überhaupt in Europa, hat er wegweisende Pionierarbeit geleistet, mit Marathon-DJSets, und Releases auf Labels wie FAX, RISING HIGH, NINJA TUNES usw. die gerade erfundene Technobewegung maßgeblich mitgeprägt.

Sein Einfluss auf die Berliner LOVEPARADE muss an dieser Stelle genannt werden. Deshalb freuen wir uns schon sehr auf sein DJ-Set im Rhiz, und die Möglichkeit mit ihm eine fantastische Nacht durchzumachen.

Zum Aufwärmen ist sein alter Jugendfreund DJ Ramjac an den Decks. Ein Liveset von BINÄR wird die besten ELEKTROLAND Zeiten wieder in Erinnerung rufen.

Visuals von BRANKO ANDRIC und 010ptik.

Wir hoffen auf euer zahlreiches Erscheinen! ::+}

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Since staging Britain's first live acid house event at the Fridge in October 1988, Mixmaster Morris has been cited as a major influence by artists as established as the Chemical Brothers and as current as the Sleaford Mods. The legendary BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, present at the Fridge event, called Morris his natural successor, and Current Radio 1 DJ Chris Coco is also a fan. It was no surprise when Coldcut's Matt Black called Morris ‘The world’s finest curator of music”.

In turn, Morris was the first to bring many other artists to public attention. Both as a DJ and in his columns for NME and Mixmag, he enthusiastically and repeatedly pointed us to Aphex Twin, Plaid, Herbert, Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra, DJ Food, Boards of Canada, Joanna Newsom, Mr Scruff, IG Culture, Atom Heart and Brotherly, until we listened, and Morris hasn't stopped; the list of his revelations and recommendations continues to grow.

Morris first came to John Peel's attention in 1978, when he sent Radio 1 his first record, the 4 track Ripchords EP, whilst still a schoolboy. In the early 1980’s Morris brought eclecticism to pirate radio stations Network 21 and Kiss FM. He toured as the Shamen’s DJ, and by the late 1990's had produced three albums under the name Irresistible Force; ‘Flying High’ and ‘Global Chillage’ for techno label Rising High, and ‘It’s Tomorrow Already’, for Ninja Tune. His remix credits include INXS, Sven Vath, The Shamen, and his all-time chillout classic, Autumn Leaves, for Coldcut. Having birthed the chillout scene, Mixmaster Morris is an inspiringly diverse, and inevitably fresh dancefloor DJ.

Global Chillage has since become the name of a record shop in Japan, where he is a much loved, respected and regular performer. Sometimes referred to as ‘The Ambient Guru’, Morris was one of the most significant artists in the founding of the Big Chill Festival, and has had a 10 year residency at the Big Chill bar in London’s Brick Lane. Curator of the ‘Heaven field’ at Glastonbury Festival, Morris’ latest residencies are London’s spanking new super-hifi venue: Spiritland, and a monthly WNBC radio show with the Orb.

Morris uploads most of his DJ sets to Mixcloud, where he was the most played chillout DJ in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, no figures were released, make of that what you will. Perhaps he broke the counter.
The new and much anticipated new Irresistible Force album, ‘Kira Kira’, comes out in May 2017. Produced by Morris in Youth's studio (Killing Joke, The Verve's Bitter-Sweet Symphony, a-ha), the album features guests Youth, Jah Wobble, and Nik Turner of Hawkwind
The diversity of Mixmaster Morris's influences, and those he has influenced, continues to grow. Much more than just a chill out DJ, much more than just a DJ, Mixmaster Morris continues to open minds and stretch musical boundaries.


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“A lot of music that we’re into now are distant relatives or cousins of House music. What Ramjac does well, is show up the relationships between different musics and the routes they have taken. Actually, more than a lot of people, Ramjac is the missing link between house, acid house, breakbeat, jungle and dub and percussion based musics.” Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation)

Having first studied West African Drumming with Ghanaian master drummer Isaac Tagoe in the late 1980's, Paul Chivers aka Ramjac, performed live with an Atari computer and Emu sampler at Britain's first live acid house event at the Brixton Fridge in South London. The event was staged in October 1988 by Mixmaster Morris aka the Irresistible Force.

Ramjac continued to play live on the underground party scene and at increasingly large raves, including Back to the Future in Iver, Energy at Westway Studios, and the Sunrise Midsummer Party at White Waltham, dubbed Ecstacy Airport in the tabloid newspapers. As music writer Tony Marcus said on first meeting Ramjac; “History mate, history”.

In 1990, 'Cameroon Massif' on Irdial Discs, and a two-tempo live version for the 'Live at the Brain' album, took Ramjac's music around the country, into Europe and Stateside, where the records remain enigmatic reminders of an innovative time in underground music.

Through the 1990's, Ramjac toured with the Shamen, Orbital, Irresistible Force, and the Rising High Collective, whilst he also studied Cuban drumming with Los Munequitos De Matansas, jammed with Daniel Ponce and played congas on stage with Africa Bambaata.

He set up two recording studios in London's Farringdon and Spitalfields, engineering and programming in all the UK electronica styles of the day, including sessions for such diverse producers as Freq Nasty, Devious D, and also for vocalist Mark Stewart.

Paul recorded for Mr C's Plink Plonk label under the name Ramses, and started to DJ on Interface, the first internet pirate radio station. In 1999, he joined State of Bengal as an electronic percussionist, touring India, Bangladesh and China at the turn of the decade, programming for Coldcut & Herbie Hancock, Juno Reactor and Asian Dub Foundation.

2013 saw a Ramjac remix of the re-release of In Sync's 'Warm/Storm', the 1991 UK techno classic on Irdial Discs, and coincidentally, the long anticipated release of 'The Bedroom Tapes', under the In Sync name; a legendary live jam between flatmates Paul, and Fatcat shop and label founder Lee Purkiss, also in 1991.

Since 2009, Paul has been a group member of Ethiopian/UK collaboration Dub Colossus, releasing albums on Peter Gabriel's Real World record label, including Samuel Yirga's solo album, and touring the WOMAD festivals in the UK and Australia and New Zealand.

In 2011, Paul created the ultimate mashup of Beatles songs, which was played 250,000 times before being taken down by Soundcloud's copyright infringement algorythm. A live performance art piece entitled Volume followed, with 50 people switching on every noise-making item in a Currys electronics superstore.
Paul has been living in Vienna since 2014, djing oldschool house and 90's electronica on vinyl, remixing, writing and mastering. Recent work includes a theatre piece for Chilo Eribenne's two-women play entitled 'When the world comes to an end, move to Vienna because eveything happens there 20 years later', and a 4 hour sound piece accompanying the multimedia BergWerk by artist Moritz Polanski.

Ramjac Radio has been broadcasting Ramjac originals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last 10 years, at


Paul is now promoting Mixmaster Morris at Rhiz on May 20th 2017, with artist Tobi Lintl, aka Binär, Vienna's legendary live acid house performer.


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