28.07.2022, 21:00

RHIZ - SPKS Track Release Party w/ Selin Karaman, Sanna Lu Una, Viviano Wich plus dj sets by LiSSTN & SPKS

SPKS Track Release Party w/
Selin Karaman (live)
Sanna Lu Una (live)
Viviano Wich (live)
LiSSTN (dj set)
SPKS (dj set)

Together with other artists from Vienna, the track "Back To Track" by SPKS was released by Vienna Underground Traxx at the beginning of July.

The EP "Neues aus der Kernzone 100" can be found on Bandcamp: https://viennaundergroundtraxx.bandcamp.com/album/neues-aus-der-kernzone-100

Selin and Lissa as SPKS want to share their joy with you at this special party night!

21.00 - 21.30 Selin Karaman (live)
21.30 - 22.00 Sanna Lu Una (live)
22.00 - 23.00 Viviano Wich (live)
23.00 - 00.00 LiSSTN (dj set)
00.00 - Ende SPKS (dj set)

Selin Karaman
Selin Karaman is an audio-visual artist currently studying Fine Art and Digital Media at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. With her experimental sounds, she creates an underwater world that aims to bring the parallel between emotions and water closer to the listener. She is inspired by the similarities between water and sound waves and frequencies.


Viviano Wich
No education, no reputation; Exploring live electronics through synthesizers; will bring some copies of the last released tape; Long lasting, slowly progressing atmospheres, consisting of noisy and brittle soundscapes, deconstructive textures. Mainly inspired by emotional states that have a certain heaviness inherent in them. Sometimes demons.

Sanna Lu Una
Sanna Lu Una is a musician based in Vienna. With her music she creates new worlds and places them in the wide waters of avant-garde pop. Her debut single "The Gate" processes existentialistic questions and playfully transforms them into fantastic images. Her song lyrics often communicate through metaphors and symbols, allowing for vivid and figurative reflection.


LiSSTN started DJing in 2018 and recorded their first track two years later. She is fascinated by the diversity of people and how they communicate with each other, how they (can) live with each other. She works with photography and sound that is close to people by perceiving what moves her surroundings and herself. She plays any music that makes people dance.


free admission

kindly supported by BMKOES & Stadt Wien Kultur / MA7