05.11.2022, 21:00

rrr - ERNST LIMA (live) Futura (Live) WYME (DJ) Afroninja (DJ) Same (DJ) YBsole (DJ)

ERNST LIMA (Live) (*aquarius) is a new media artist, producer and sound designer based in Vienna, whose music utilizes processed guitar among other synthesized and multi-instrumental sounds. EL primarily composes by digitally mutating guitar parts, and combines the contorted textures with shimmering synths, orchestral strings, mantric sample manipulation and voice.
EL sees the guitar as a prosthesis of the own body, whose improvisational use completes mantric lyrics and electronic compositions, in a live context, and serves as a mediator between listener and music.
Fluid but always deeply set, ELs music eschews single genres and identities, as it wades through influences spanning experimental electronic, electroacoustics, film scoring, combined with the types of raw guitar loops from which her songwriting process often originates.
EL creates a sonic exploration of fluid ways of being and interprets own experiences and stories about memory, dream experiences, identity, ancestral legacies, loss and intimacy into metaphorical lyrics.

Futura (Live)
Whats the sound of a negroni sbagliato?
FUTURA; ist blumig queerer dreampop mit Hang zur Melancholie. Manchmal verkopft, zuweilen düster, immer mit pop-edge :)

wyme (DJ Set)
w y m e (xeno-) (she / her) specializes in blending highly functional yet hybrid and time-tested textures into one coherent sonic trip. Far beyond techno, her sets are built around hybrid sounds, based on a decentralized soundcloud scene. The genres move between fragments of breaks, modern trance, hardstyle, the Latin American gust of reggaeton, and r'n'b intersects with the new sound of Africa and the sharp metallic prints of the post-digital age.
She is also the founder of the xeno-: experimental party series, which focuses on club scene of contemporary sounds with an open, safe and non-hierarchical atmosphere.

AfroNinja (DJ Set)
one of the founders of the Techno Collective SPECKUNDSCHWEISS, is a local viennese DJ and Producer. Whereas during the pandemic he mostly played on Outdoor raves and private Parties, in the last year he began to bring more of his tunes to the Clubs. Starting Djing with House und Funk Vinyls, he now combines hard hitting Techno with funky Breakbeats and twists of 00s Pop Songs.

same (DJ Set)

YBsole (DJ Set)