08.07.2022, 20:00

rrr - Transki . Loud On Stree . Gloria Gloriette

Transki [scum]
„Who is Transki?“ - a frequently asked question in the scene. During the lockdown 2021 he started his alias and rapidly gained attention on contemporary community labels such as Harmless, Underzone Columbia, Extra Energy and many more. His releases hit the right spot of the time - 90s nostalgia, paired with DIY-approach. With viennese charm, Transki is reflecting the trance renaissance in the electronic music - repetitive and melodic-progressive.
2022 Transki released his Debut EP „Vienna Gates“ on the italian Scum Collective.


Loud On Street
DJ and producer from 1140. His deep mission is his love for Acid-Techno records. He is member and engineer of the Lion‘s Nail Soundsystem.

Gloria Gloriette
Personification of the subjective glory produced and acted out on the dancefloor. The glamour and the gloom as direct contradictions in the environment of clubbing and partying. The contemporary artificial bubble, created together by the crowd, the artists, and the destination, is captured in different styles ranging from house, tech-house, techno, acid, breakbeats up to tekno and eclectic sounds.