15.10.2022, 21:00

rrr - COR

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Listen to the Sounds of our Hearts.

ANTONIA XM (dj set) is a DJ, producer, vocalist and label curator based in Vienna, Austria. In 2016 Antonia co-founded the label Ashida Park aiming to build an accessible platform for new and unconventional forms of club- and experimental music, visual art and digital dialog. Antonia’s productions and DJ sets range from Hard Dance, Gabber or Trance to nostalgic Ambient or Pop, all the way to various hybrid forms of experimental club music, Dembow, Rap and more - always building on heavy emotions somewhere in between intimacy and excess. Antonia has recently released her debut EP „DEMONS“ on Ashida Park and has previously released tracks and remixes on various labels such as Soulfeeder, Hard Trade, Paynomindtous or Cime.

KATANA (dj set)
is a DJ and producer, based in Vienna. Not only capturing your imagination with stimulating soundlandscapes, but also exciting you for hakken and destruction. Playing (early) gabber, hc, (hard)trance.

ANEMONA (dj set)
With her dystopian sound Anemona loves to take you on a journey through different styles, mixing breaks and all variations of techno. Born in Romania, raised by wolves, she soon became part of the local scene with her peculiar sound and her versicolored attitude to music. Go with her flow!

Enter the void with Egon Schielte from Vienna, who combines melodramatic hypnotec with a grain of acidtrance, inducing it with a drop of early 2000 ravechords. Embrace the energy!

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