16.09.2022, 20:00

rrr - Isabella Koen (usa) , LDY OSC, Marie Cherie

Isabella Koen (live)
is a sound artist, DJ, and composer best known for her hard-driving, all-hardware live sets and off-kilter releases. Her practice developed in the belly of underground art and performance spaces, and incorporates the dual role of artist and researcher. Her sound is rooted in broad-ranging experimentation while simultaneously extracting known sonic signifiers from classic rave, hard techno, trance, and drum 'n' bass.

LDY OSC (dj set)
When she gets on stage, Mexico-born Vienna-based producer Alyssa Auvinen Barrera becomes LDY OSC. A frontier-busting scrambler of sines by trade, Alyssa began her musical journey in the late '90s when she felt a connection to the heavier industrial sounds. By 2007 she was immersed in electronic music and soon turned her sights toward DJing. After learning electronic music production techniques, Alyssa moved to NYC in 2010 to attend university, graduating with a BFA in Liberal Arts and Science with a Major in Music and Sound Engineering. While in University her classmates called her Lady Oscillator because she was into the study of synthesis and DIY synth culture.

Marie Cherie (Zagreb), Aktivistin, Multiinstrumentalistin, DJ, Organisatorin der mehreren Kulturveranstaltungeen. Queer- und Kunst-Aktivistin seit 2007.

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