17.12.2022, 21:00

rrr - SOUNDHOUSE - Bernd Ammann (live) Mir-I-am Fabian Hofer Michael Zehetner


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Bernd Ammann (live)
Fabian Hofer

Michael Zehetner

SOUNDHOUSE is a place for music enthusiasts - for lovers of techno, house, acid and all their beautiful sub-genres. No racism, no sexism, no homophobia or any other form of violence and discrimination... Sophisticated listening, educated drinking! Come early, stay long and get lost in music!

Bernd Ammann (live)
Producer and live artist Bernd Ammann has been gracing the Viennese techno scene with multi-faceted purely hardware-based live acts since 2020.
Last year he was a guest at numerous clubs and festivals. Originally trained as a jazz bassist, he makes straightforward, hard industrial sound paired with a pinch of tongue-in-cheek playfulness. In his live set, he uses analog equipment exclusively. Techno and dance enthusiasts will find a real musical experience here.



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